The Prodigal Son: (Rated: PG-13/T): Chapter 1 to 4

Title: The Prodigal Son
Author: GreenLeofiend

Pairing/Character(s): Angela, Gabriel/Sylar, Peter, Nathan, Claire

Rating: T

Summary: Angela reintroduces herself to her son Gabriel the first time in over twenty years, and tells him a bit about family history and his potential, as he tries to absorb what he can.

Spoilers: Vary by chapter, As of Chapter 4, Spoilers through Volume 3: Chapter 5: Angels and Monsters. References the Graphic Novel Chapters 24 to 29 “War Buddies”, and a couple deleted scenes from Volume 2: Chapter 1: Four Months Later.

Warning: Violence

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4


Nathan's Dresser

Title: Nathan’s dresser
Author: GreenLeofiend
Pairing/Character(s): Nathan
Rating: PG/K+

Summary:Through Volume 3: Chapter 7: Eros Sum Quod and promotional commercials for Volume 3: Chapter 8: Villains. Mentions a flash back from Volume 1: Chapter 10: Six Months Ago

Spoilers: Through Volume 3: Chapter 7: Eros Sum Quod and promotional commercials for Volume 3: Chapter 8: Villains. Mentions a flash back from Volume 1: Chapter 10: Six Months Ago

Warnings: Mentions past violence

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The Voice: PG/K+ (Nathan, Future Peter, Peter)

Title: The Voice
Author: GreenLeofiend
Pairing/Character(s): Nathan, Future Peter, Peter
Rating: PG/K+

Summary:Extra scene of sorts set between, "The Butterfly Effect" and "One of Us, One of Them", Released from the Hospital, Nathan discovers he has a voice mail.

Spoilers/Warings: Follows continuity through Volume 3: Chapter 2: The Butterfly Effect, but also includes some spoilers from Volume 3: Chapter 3: One of Us, One of Them, also mentions scenes from Volume 1: Chapter 10: Six Months Ago, Volume 1: Chapter 18: Parasite, Volume 1: Chapter 19: .07 Percent, and Volume 1: Chapter 21: The Hard Part.

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Title: The Shadow and a Silhouette
Author: Adeline (adeline)
Fandom: Heroes
Characters: Nathan and Claire, mentions of Peter
Rating: PG-13
Summary: based around krilymcc's prompt - (Set After season 2's finale) Nathan goes to California to try to patch things up with Claire. Not at all in compliance with S3 spoilers, I might add. Which I guess makes this AU.
Spoilers: None whatsoever.
Disclaimer: I still don't own Heroes. Alas!

( Claire is sitting in shock in front of the TV )

hooray for Petrelli fic!

Title: Common Ground
Rating: PG
Characters: Nathan, Claire, Mr. Bennett
Prompt/Notes: The prompt was [Nathan, Bennet] common ground. So as you can see I snagged my title straight from the prompt.
Summary: Claire calls her dad and tries to reassure him of her safety without being really sure herself. Nathan intervenes.

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Two fics with the Petrelli Family, rated G-PG

Hmm. Try this again. I tried to post a couple weeks ago and that did not work out. Let us try again.

Title: Travels with Nathan (and Peter)
Fandom: Heroes
Rating: G for Good gosh, isn't Heroes back on yet?
Author: comeon_eileen

Prompt: weirdest road trip ever

Three hours later, Peter was behind the wheel, and they were hopelessly lost.


Title: éminence gris
Fandom: Heroes
Rating: PG
Author: still me

Prompt: Nathan, Angela, and éminence gris.

She was clever and cunning and ambitious in ways he couldn't even comprehend.
Telemachus Rhade

new fics, featuring Nathan, Peter, and Heidi Petrelli, PG

Title: So Much for the Afterglow
Fandom: Heroes, of course.
Characters: Nathan, Peter, cameos by others.
Author: Karrenia (Karen)
Disclaimer: Heroes belongs to Tim Kring and NBC; it is not mine.
Rating: Gen

Summary: Prompt: Gen any/all Their secret is out-how they control it for maximum advantage

Chapter 2: "His Brother's Keeper" is also there as well.

Link can be found posted on my journal here:


Title: By Their Hands
Author: Karen
Rating: PG
Characters: Nathan and Heidi Petrelli
Disclaimer: See Above, not mine.
Prompt #1 Het, Nathan tells his wife that he can fly.

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Disclaimer: Heroes belongs to Tim Kring and NBC Television; it is not mine.

Featuring: Angela Petrelli:
Gen prompt: How much does she really now? What is her connection to
the Haitian, and what did she mean about protecting Claire?
Rating: Gen
Word Count: approximately 500

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Traced Away the Fog for prompt [Claire, Nathan, Peter] weirdest roadtrip ever

Title: Traced Away the Fog
Author: hebrew_hernia
Prompt: [Claire, Nathan, Peter] weirdest roadtrip ever.
Rating: PG.
Word Count: ~1250
Summary: Maybe I do/Maybe I don't/But I know I haven't yet/So here I am
Notes: I loved this prompt. Title, summary, & fake cut-text from "I Woke Up in a Car" by Something Corporate.

(i've never been so lost/i've never felt so much at home)
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Okay, we've changed our minds. Originally, we were going to do claiming, but some of these prompts are way awesome and we want lots and lots of fic to come from them. So, new rule!

You don't have to claim anything. Just pick a prompt, or several prompts, and write us some fic! You can post as many fics as you want, as long as they're all based off of a prompt on this list. Sound good?

A few more rules:
- All fic must be a minimum of 500 words.
- Fic can be posted directly to the community or linked from somewhere else.
- All fic, direct or cross-posted, needs to have a header. The exact format is up to the author, but should include a pairing and a rating, at the very least.
- If you post your fic directly to the community, make sure to use an LJ-cut.

I think that's all! Have some prompts!

The prompts are alphabetized by the character whose name comes first, even if they weren't listed first in the prompt. (For example, [Peter, Nathan, Claire] fic is listed under Claire, not Peter.) Prompts involving non-Petrellies are listed underneath the ones only involving family members. (For example, [Nathan, Claire, Mr. Bennet] is listed beneath [Nathan, Claire, Peter].)

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