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Okay, we've changed our minds. Originally, we were going to do claiming, but some of these prompts are way awesome and we want lots and lots of fic to come from them. So, new rule!

You don't have to claim anything. Just pick a prompt, or several prompts, and write us some fic! You can post as many fics as you want, as long as they're all based off of a prompt on this list. Sound good?

A few more rules:
- All fic must be a minimum of 500 words.
- Fic can be posted directly to the community or linked from somewhere else.
- All fic, direct or cross-posted, needs to have a header. The exact format is up to the author, but should include a pairing and a rating, at the very least.
- If you post your fic directly to the community, make sure to use an LJ-cut.

I think that's all! Have some prompts!

The prompts are alphabetized by the character whose name comes first, even if they weren't listed first in the prompt. (For example, [Peter, Nathan, Claire] fic is listed under Claire, not Peter.) Prompts involving non-Petrellies are listed underneath the ones only involving family members. (For example, [Nathan, Claire, Mr. Bennet] is listed beneath [Nathan, Claire, Peter].)

Single Characters
[Angela] How much does she really know?
[Angela] How did she came to be associated with the Haitian - or was it the other way around - and what exactly did she mean by trying to protect Claire? Does she know about Claire's powers?
[Angela] Did her husband have powers and did she know about it? Does she knows about her boys?
[Angela] What role does she really play in this story?
[Angela] Family
[Angela] If a prince wants to maintain his rule he must be prepared not to be virtuous - Machiavelli

[Claire] Death
[Claire] Cross this sea of loneliness, part this red river of pain - Patty Griffin, "Moses"

[Nathan] Loyalty
[Nathan] Nathan as President
[Nathan] Heidi in labour

[Peter] "I'm through with playing by the rules/Of someone else's game."

Multiple Characters
[Any/All] AU wherein Claire was raised by the Nathan after Meredith's apparent death.
[Any/All] A story in the form of a magazine article on the family, set after Nathan's eventual Presidential win.
[Any/All] Their secrets are out - how to they control it for maximum advantage (they're Petrelli's, it's what they do)

[Angela, Claire] Angela welcomes Claire into her life.
[Angela, Claire] Angela has two sons and two grandsons, so having a granddaughter is a new and enlightening experience.
[Claire, Angela] What do you want from me?
[Angela, Claire] Granddaughter

[Claire, Angela, Heidi] Girls' night out
[Claire, Heidi, Angela, and/or Meredith] Care and management of a Petrelli male

[Angela, Claire, Nathan] Fatherhood
[Angela, Claire, Nathan, The Haitian] How Angela saved her granddaughter.

[Angela, Claire, Zach] A last goodbye

[Nathan, Angela] Futurefic, éminence gris
[Nathan, Angela] Nathan finds out that his mother's been working with the Haitian.

[Nathan, Peter and probably Angela] Nathan and Peter have teenaged (15,16 or 17) younger brother who also has powers.
[Peter, Nathan, Angela] Confrontation (About what, I don't mind)
[Nathan, Peter, Angela] The good son

[Heidi, Claire] Claire moves in with the Petrelli family, and it's awkward.
[Heidi, Claire] Not my daughter
[Heidi, Claire] Acceptance

[Nathan, Heidi, Claire] Secrets.
[Nathan, Heidi, Claire] If Heidi already knew about Claire.

[Claire, Nathan] Abandonment issues
[Nathan, Claire] First meeting
[Nathan, Claire] First meeting without the interference from Parasite
[Nathan, Claire] Claire wants one person in her life who's never lied to her.

[Nathan, Peter, Claire] The family is reunited.
[Claire, Nathan, Peter] Weirdest roadtrip ever.
[Nathan, Peter, Claire, etc.] Futurefic, in which Nathan becomes President and the Heroes are a known part of society (if not entirely accepted). Peter and Claire are part of a special superpowered government task force who report to the president, currently working on foiling a plot against him. Bonus points if Peter and Claire are not speaking to him for some reason, and if Nathan's the only parent Claire has left alive.

[Nathan, Claire, Mr. Bennet]: Claire has two daddies. The two of them join forces to protect her.

[Peter, Claire] Fool to Kings
[Peter, Claire] Peter takes on the role of protective older 'brother'.
[Peter, Claire] Future Fic in which Peter and Claire work together in some capacity, and are best friends.
[Claire, Peter] Claire realizes Peter is her uncle.

[Claire, Zach] "He could be that boy/I'm not that girl."
[Claire, Zach] It's risky, but Claire needs to touch base with Zach.

[Nathan, Peter, pre-series] The brothers at a holiday
[Nathan, Peter, pre-series] Nathan home from a weekend at college
[Nathan, Peter, pre-series] Nathan taking care of Peter
[Nathan, Peter, pre-series] A teddy bear
[Nathan, Peter] Peter using his invisibility
[Nathan, Peter] Nathan and Peter work together to try and protect others like them.
[Nathan, Peter] Peter finds out that Claire's Nathan's daughter.
[Nathan, Peter] Channel surfing

[Peter, Nathan, Father Petrelli] Who is Peter and Nathan's father? does he have powers? Was his death really a suicide or something more?

[Nathan, Peter, Claude] slash or gen, Nathan meets Claude. Jealousy.
[Nathan, Mohinder, Peter] Power exchange
[Nathan, Peter, Sylar] Gabriel Gray is the illeligitimate son of Papa Petrelli.
[Peter, Nathan, Sylar] Peter has another dream involving Nathan and Sylar. (slash or gen)

[Nathan, Bennet] common ground
[Nathan, Claude] Nathan meets Claude for the first time. Insults insue.
[Nathan, Hiro, Ando] Futurefic, in which the trio develop an unlikely but strong bond.
[Nathan, Hiro] Duty
[Nathan, Niki, Linderman] this boot on my neck

[Simon, Monty] Manifesting powers of their own.

[Simon, Monty, Nathan] The boys accidentally see their father fly. Now they want to know everything. Including about THEIR powers.
[Nathan, Heidi, Simon, Monty] Nathan and Heidi learn their boys have the gene and must protect them from The Company.

[Claire, Simon, Monty] New big sister.
[Peter, Claire, Simon, Monty] Uncle Peter saves the day for either Claire or one of the boys.

[Simon, Monty, Micah] Different.

[Papa Petrelli/Angela] Why they got married - "I must have done something right."
[Angela/Linderman] History.

[Claire/Nathan] Peter's dead.
[Nathan/Claire] Origins

[Peter/Claire] Fools to Kings
[Claire/Peter] Claire realizes Peter is her uncle.
[Claire/Peter] "Fitting in"
[Peter/Claire] Family first
[Peter/Claire, Peter/Nathan] Peter loves his family as best as he can.
[Peter/Claire, Nathan] Peter and Claire are together and on the phone with Nathan who is elsewhere for work. Phone sex ensues with Nathan getting off on what Peter and Claire are doing to each other.

[Claire/The Haitian] Road Trip
[Claire/Zach] "He could be that boy/I'm not that girl."

[Nathan/Heidi] Nathan tells her he can fly.
[Nathan/Heidi] How did they meet?
[Nathan/Heidi, Simon, Monty] One of their sons can heal others; walking again and having to hide it
[Nathan/Heidi, Nathan/Peter] Different but equal.

[Heidi/Peter] Always a competition.

[Nathan/Jessica] Hatesex
[Nathan/Meredith] AU, sharing their powers with each other.
[Nathan/Meredith] back when they met, misunderstanding
[Nathan/Niki, Claire] why this time?

[Nathan, Peter, (Other Female Character)] Nathan and Peter vying for someone’s attention, Romantically preferred

[Nathan/Peter] Peter using his invisibility
[Nathan/Peter] Nathan trying to get through the first few hours/days after Peter collapsed and ended up in the hospital.
[Nathan/Peter] All they have, all they need, is each other.
[Nathan/Peter] Peter helps Nathan calm down before he has to give an important political speech.
[Nathan/Peter] Peter steals Nathan away and forces him to spend the day doing something fun and frivolous. (I'm looking for pure, shameless, shiny, schmoop here. YES with the Petrellis!)
[Peter/Nathan] Phone Sex
[Nathan/Peter] If Peter didn't run away in Parasite.
[Nathan/Peter] Election night
[Nathan/Peter] Nathan is falling apart and Peter has to put him back together for the first time ever.
[Nathan/Peter] Nothing can come between us.
[Nathan/Peter] How it started.
[Nathan/Peter, Angela] She knows.
[Nathan/Peter, Claire] Once upon a time, being all "Claire has two daddies" would have been the freakiest thing about her.

[Claire, Peter/Nathan] Claire comes to terms with the fact that her knight in shining armor is actually her uncle...and belongs more to Nathan than he'll ever be hers.
[Peter/Claire, Peter/Nathan] Peter loves his family as best as he can.

[Nathan/Heidi, Nathan/Peter] Different but equal.

[Peter/Nathan, Simon/Monty] "kissing practice" - a look at two generations.

[Nathan/Peter, Peter/Mohinder] Nathan's never been good at sharing.
[Nathan, Peter, Claude] (slash or gen) Nathan meets Claude. Jealousy.
[Peter/Claude, Peter/Nathan] Claude knows.
[Peter, Nathan, Sylar] Peter has another dream involving Nathan and Sylar. (slash or gen)

[Nathan/Hiro] Duty

[Peter/Nathan/Claire] Any form of epistolary or diary fic
[Nathan/Peter/Claire] Nathan is jealous that Peter is paying more attention to Claire than to him. So, he figures out a way to draw Peter back.
[Nathan/Peter/Claire] So, Claire can heal, right? And the boys always have wanted to experiment with knife-play and now? They can.
[Nathan/Peter/Claire] Claire wants in.
[Nathan/Claire/Peter] Stronger together.

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