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The Prodigal Son: (Rated: PG-13/T): Chapter 1 to 4

Title: The Prodigal Son
Author: GreenLeofiend

Pairing/Character(s): Angela, Gabriel/Sylar, Peter, Nathan, Claire

Rating: T

Summary: Angela reintroduces herself to her son Gabriel the first time in over twenty years, and tells him a bit about family history and his potential, as he tries to absorb what he can.

Spoilers: Vary by chapter, As of Chapter 4, Spoilers through Volume 3: Chapter 5: Angels and Monsters. References the Graphic Novel Chapters 24 to 29 “War Buddies”, and a couple deleted scenes from Volume 2: Chapter 1: Four Months Later.

Warning: Violence

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4


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